Stationery Proportioners

Stationery Proportioners

Proportioners for Stationery Extuingishing Systems

Foam is the only way to effectively fight certain fire scenarios. To generate such foam, a foam agent must be precisely admixed to the extinguishing water flow first. Then, air is added as a third component and expands the ‘premix‘ to a fire-fighting foam.

We designed the highly sophisticated FireDos proportioners to contribute to the effectiveness of stationary fire-extinguishing systems through powerful technology.

Product Concept

Many fire scenarios require foam for successful extinguishing. To produce these extinguishing agents, the foam agent must be admixed to the water flow at high precision.

This is what makes the FireDos product concept outstanding: The specially designed water motors and proportioning pumps work flow-proportionally, allowing precise proportioning across a wide range of water flow rates and pressures.

  • The water motor (1) is driven by the extinguishing water flow which passes through it.
  • In turn, the water motor drives the proportioning pump (2). This pump pulls in the foam agent and delivers it into the extinguishing water pipework.
  • Switching between actual proportioning of the foam agent and passing it back to the atmospheric storage tank is done by use of the ball valve (3).


  • Driven just by the water flow. No electricity and no backup power supply required.Also suitable for extremely high-viscous, alcohol-resistant and fluorine-free foam agents thanks to the specially designed proportioning pump.
  • Maximum operating range, while maintaining the proportioning rate at all water flow rates and under all pressure conditions.
  • Qualified for all types of extinguishing systems thanks to the wide operating range: sprinkler, deluge, wet and dry extinguishing systems.No water loss since the water motor is a closed system.
  • Quick installation and start-up. The proportioner is supplied ready-to-install. Any further adjustment when starting up is neither necessary nor possible.
  • Green and cost-saving: Testing the proportioning rate without generating foam or premix! There is no quicker and easier way to do it: The foam agent is passed back to the storage tank under live conditions and is measured meanwhile.
  • Going easy on the foam agent, just letting the amount pass which is actually needed: no warming by circulation.
  • No time limits for fire-fighting: The separate foam agent tank is unpressurised and can therefore be refilled whenever necessary.
  • Worldwide product approvals.


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