Pressure Relief Valve

Model 106-RPS-8700A

The 106-RPS-8700A pressure relief valve, which is UL / FM labelled and listed, automatically relieves excess pressure in the fire protection system to discharge. The RPS series valves will also automatically modulate to relieve excess pump capacity during pump start up and shut down, allowing the pump to operate without causing surges.

These relief valves are based on the 106-PG or A106-PG main valves and come in complete range of sizes from 2 1/2 in / 65 mm to 8 in / 200 mm. In typical pressure relief application, the angle style A106-RPS-8700A is often the preferred selection.


  • UL listed to ANSI/UL 1478A FM approved to FM 1361
  • Reliable diaphragm actuated
  • Hydraulically operated design
  • Class 150 and 300 flanges
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Heat fused red epoxy coating
  • Available in globe and angle style


Standard materials for pilot system components are:

  • ASTM B62 bronze or ASTM B16 brass
  • AISI 303 / 316 stainless steel trim
  • Buna-N / EPDM diaphragm and seals


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