FOAMOUSSE®Protein Foam Agent

FOAMOUSSE®Protein Foam Agent

FOAMOUSSE® is a low expansion protein foaming agent based on natural re-growing protein carriers, foam stabilisers and antifreezing compounds. The dense foam texture and the long endurance are typical of this foaming agent which has proven successful for many decades.

The low expansion foam generated from FOAMOUSSE® is fast flowing, has a good adhesion, covers the burnt surface gastight over a long period of time, is stable, flame and heat-resistant, safely extinguishes fires and prevents re-ignition.
Because FOAMOUSSE® has a dense foam texture it is very effective when used on spilled products in order to reduce emissions and as a preventive fire fighting measure.

Protein Foam Concentrates

Protein foam concentrates are based on natural protein, foam stabilisers and anti-freeze agents.

Recognition features:

  • dark brown to black liquids
  • are used in the low-expansion foam range
  • 3% or 6% induction
  • Frost resistance ranging from -10°C up to -30°C
  • a stable foam with a small bubble structure


Fluoroprotein fire extinguishing foam concentrate

FLUOR–FOAMOUSSE® is based on protein, a re-growing natural source. Fluorinated, surface active agents, stabilisers and preservatives characterise this efficient foam concentrate which may provide an economic alternative to AFFF and FFFP foam liquids.

Der aus FLUOR–FOAMOUSSE® low expansion foam allows long throwing distances, is fast flowing and extremely resistant against burnback and heat radiation.
FLUOR-FOAMOUSSE also proves stable on hydrocarbons with proportions of polar solvents. Other highly volatile additives such as MTBE can effectively be protected with FLUOR–FOAMOUSSE®. The foam does not emulsify with hydrocarbon fuels which makes it ideal for forceful application as well as use in subsurface installations.
FLUOR–FOAMOUSSE® extinguishes class A and B fires safely and produces a gastight foam blanket on liquid surfaces. FLUOR–FOAMOUSSE® complies with applicable standards.

FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP Film Forming Fluoroprotein
fire extinguishing foam concentrate

FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP is a film forming foam concentrate based on a special formulation of natural protein along with fluorinated additives, stabilisers and antifreezing compounds.
FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP virtually combines the extinguishing performance of AFFF with the sealability of fluoroprotein foam concentrates.

FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP low expansion foam allows long throwing distances and, thanks to the increased contents of fluorine components provides outstanding flowability and burnback resistance.
The aqueous film formed out of the foam even extinguishes areas of hydrocarbon fires not yet reached by the foam. The foam does not emulsify with hydrocarbon fuels and is therefore ideal for sub-surface and semi sub-surface application. Where required FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP can be used in non-aspirated form.
FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP complies with applicable standards.

Alcohol-resistant film forming fluoroprotein foam concentrate

FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP/AR is an alcohol resistant, polymer and aqueous film forming, protein low expansion foam concentrate. Protein base in combination with polymer film builder, frost protection and AFFF fluoro-surfactants.

FOAMOUSSE®–OMEGA is an alcohol resistant, low viscosity aqueous film forming protein low expansion foam concentrate. Protein base in combination with AFFF and alcohol resistant fluorine components, stabilisers and freeze protection.

for use on polar and non polar foam destroying hydrocarbons.
film forming
fast flowing
oleophobic (oil shedding)
rapid extinguishing

pseudoplastic (non Newtonian)

low viscosity

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