Foam Dosing Pumps & Admixing Systems

Foam Dosing and Admixing Systems

Based on Waterpower
 admixing dosing systems work off the available pressure of the water supply, and even under changing flow and pressure conditions will deliver accurate and reliable quantities of foam concentrate in direct proportion to the water flow.

FM approved foam dosing and admixing pumps and systems
FireDos® admixing and dosing systems for stationary and mobile applications are successfully used in many industrial, commercial and emergency service installations around the world. Oil refineries, automobile manufacturing, fuel storage, warehousing, mining, fuel pipelines, fire trucks, airports, harbours and more.

Extinguishing agents
FireDos® foam dosing systems can be used with most extinguishing agents and concentrates which are housed in an unpressurised, atmospheric tank or container which can be easily refilled or emptied, even during the fire extinguishing process. The replacement of the extinguishing agent, or switching to another product is therefore possible without any interruption of difficulty at any time. The following types of extinguishing agents are used in practise and can be added to the extinguishing water flow with FireDos dosing admixing systems.

  • Aqueous film forming foaming agent (AFFF)
  • Aqueous film forming foaming agent for polar fluids (AFFF-AR)
  • Class A and multi-zone foaming agent (MBS)
  • Protein (PS) and fluorine film forming protein foaming agent (FFFP)
  • Gel forming extinguishing agents
  • Retarders
  • Chemical extinguishing agent

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