FireDos Fire Fighting Monitors

In addition to our well-proven FireDos proportioners, we offer FireDos monitors now as well. All of our products keep following one and the same philosophy for the user’s benefit, featuring high-quality workmanship and longevity along with excellent technical performance data.

A whole team of employees takes care just of our new product, having been newly recruited but possessing decades-long experience in the fields of development, design, application, production, sales and service for high-end fire-fighting monitors. Our monitors are available to our customers for industrial and stationary fire-protection projects as well as for rescue vehicles, ships and off-shore installations.

As a matter of course, we have taken several approaches to distinguish the FireDos monitors from our competitors. The most prominent innovation is visible from the outside and brings some fundamental functional advantages: Our ‘Oval Flat Design’ allows passing the water through the monitor in a special way to minimise turbulences. This results in optimum discharge characteristics as well as in a maximum projection range. Our monitors’ design has been registered.

We are currently working on eight type series of our FireDos monitors in total, covering the following volumetric flow rates of extinguishing agents:

M1 → up to 2.000 l/min
M2 → up to 2.500 l/min
M3 → up to 4.000 l/min
M4 → up to 8.000 l/min
M5 → up to 12.000 l/min
M7 → up to 20.000 l/min
M9 → up to 40.000 l/min
M12 → up to 60.000 l/min

The following features are characteristic of all of our FireDos monitor type series:

• Available with a comprehensive variety of nozzles and pipes, also suitable to discharge dry-chemical extinguishing agents
• Operated either manually by hand wheels or using electrical drives of different configuration types
• Suitable for use in hazardous zones, complying with various standards
• If desired by the customers, the FireDos monitors can be fitted with control units according to their specifications
• It is planned to obtain the most important global product approvals, including FM Global and UL. These approvals are currently being applied for.

We also suggest that you visit our web page from time to time. A questionnaire will be ready soon to help you compile the technical requirements of your specific enquiry, which can be submitted to us with ease. This will enable us to prepare a quotation for you that is complete and that precisely meets your requirements.

It is our goal to place a range of high-quality monitors on the market, being characterised just by the same reliable and customer focused way that we have been offering our FireDos proportioners to you for almost 20 years now. We would be pleased to include this new product range in our scope of cooperation with you. Please do not hesitate to ask us.

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