Fire Extinguishing Agents

Fire Extinguishing Agents

Ready-to-Use Fire Extinguishing Agents
For manufacturers of fixed fire extinguishing installations and devices we offer a range of ready-to-use extinguishing agents.

FETTEX®– Fire extinguishing agent for cooking fat fires
Used in fire extinguishing installations and devices for class F fires. Designed for fighting Fires of cooking fat, deep fat fryers etc. including fat filters and hot gas extract ductwork in kitchens, canteens and restaurants.

MOUSSEAL®– ready-to-use liquid fire extinguishing agents
For fire extinguishing installations and devices
MOUSSEAL®–C: film forming, impregnating
MOUSSEAL®–CF: film forming, impregnating, frost-resistant
MOUSSEAL®–ATC: alcohol-resistant, film forming, impregnating

STHAMEX®–ultraWet – Wetting Agent Concentrate
Synthetic wetting agent based on surfactants. They are designed especially for fighting smouldering and ember fires which are difficult to wet and extinguish.

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