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The FireDos proportioner is driven solely by the extinguishing water flow. Electrical energy is not required. The purely mechanical system is madeto-last and maintenance efforts are low.

The water motor drives a specially designed pump which delivers the foam agent or wetting agent into the extinguishing water flow. There is a direct linear relationship between the extinguishing water flow rate in litres per minute and the water motor’s number of revolutions.

Thus, the quantitative ratio of additive and extinguishing water, which is referred to as the ‘proportioning rate’, always remains constant.

A portion of the pressure in the extinguishing water line is used as an energy source to drive the water motor.

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Product Outline

Many fire scenarios require foam or wetting agent for successful extinguishing. To produce these extinguishing agents, the foam/wetting agent must be admixed to the water flow at high precision.

This is what makes the FireDos product concept outstanding: The specially designed water motors and proportioning pumps work flow-proportionally, allowing precise proportioning across a wide range of water flow rates and pressures.

  • The water motor (1) is driven by the extinguishing water flow which passes through it.
  • In turn, the water motor drives the proportioning pump (2). This pump pulls in the foam agent and delivers it into the extinguishing water pipework.
  • Switching the ball valve (3) between suction of the foam agent and flushing mode.


  • Driven just by the water flow. No electricity is required, thus preventing additional load to the vehicle’s power supply.
  • The specially designed pump allows keeping the proportioning rate at all water pressures, even if they vary.
  • The selected proportioning rate is instantly and precisely at hand whenever the next job starts. Here is why: The water motor’s number of revolutions is determined directly by the current water flow rate. Whereas, an electric motor would have to adjust the number of revolutions first.
  • Flushing can be skipped: After operation, the foam/wetting agent can remain in the proportioning pump and is even supposed to do so. One more reason why the set proportioning rate is available instantly and precisely when operation is started again.
  • Course and length of the hose lines on-site play no role since the water pressure has no influence on the proportioning rate.
  • Perfectly suited for aerial/turntable ladder trucks: The height difference between proportioner and discharge device does not matter as the specially designed proportioning pump works independently of the backpressur.
  • Also suitable for alcohol-resistant and fluorine-free foam agents with a very high viscosity as we have dimensioned the proportioning pump especially for this challenge.
  • Suitable for all discharge devices:
    – Jet spray nozzles with/without a foam attachment.
    – Medium, heavy and adjustable foam nozzles.
    – High-expansion foam generators.
    – Monitors.


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