AKRON Severe Duty ™Water Cannons

AKRON Severe Duty “Water Cannons”

AKRON Severe Duty ™Water Cannons products are designed to meet the demands of continuous operation in Mining and Industry reliably and safely for dust suppression, hydro-mining, heavy duty vehicle cleaning, crowd control and fire protection applications.

Akron Brass designs and manufactures products that meet the demands of the industry and help you perform your job safely and efficiently.

Products suitable for the rugged mining environment must hold up to non-stop vibration, untreated recycled water and extremely dirty conditions. Akron Brass has the solution. We have engineered unique manual and electric monitor (water cannons) systems for fire fighting, dust suppression, high duty cycle, equipment cleaning and rock face stabilization.

Tank and Equipment washing is important to keeping your machinery in operation and removing unwanted material build up in tanks. Regular practices of washing down equipment can contain the spread of diseased soil and vegetation, remove unwanted chemicals and extract mud and dirt.

Akron Severe-Duty Mining Products can also be used for Industrial Vehicle and Industrial Wash Down. A quality product to use in any Vehicle Wash Facility.


Crowd Control Water Cannon 
riot.gifThe style 3563 is a technologically advanced remote controlled water cannon with features to meet the demands necessary for emergency crowd control. Also with fast acting valve for pulse action.
Severe Duty Electric & Hydraulic Remote control – Solid Stream

The Akron Brass Severe-Duty Water Cannon is a multi-purpose water cannon designed to withstand continuous operation while mounted on heavy duty mining equipment or fixed site applications in a Mining Environment. Dusty, dirty and continuous vibration environments are what the Style # 3491 & # 3492 was built to survive.

 Severe Duty Monitor Electric / Hydraulic – Fog and Stream plus Foam dosing option available 

The Severe-Duty, multi-purpose monitor is designed to withstand continuous operation while mounted on heavy-duty equipment like off-road fire, construction, mining, or landfill vehicles.

Tanker Cleaning and Heavy Equipment Washing Cannon 

Akron Brass tank cleaning systems offer a wide range of solutions to improve productivity and reduce equipment down time. 

Omega SD Manual Operation – Solid Bore Or Fog & Stream and Foam

Akron Brass has introduced the Style 3524 Omega SD (Severe Duty) Manual Water Cannon for extensive duty cycle use in mining, tank cleaning and equipment wash down applications. Featuring our proven unique severe duty joint these water cannons will outperform, outlast and outclass any manual water cannon offered in today’s market.

RAMPAGE™ NOZZLE With Electric Pattern Actuation. Remote control solid stream to fog & stream

Ideal for mining applications, Akron Brass introduces its Style 4462 Rampage™ master stream nozzle with electric pattern actuation.

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