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Akron monitors are designed and tested to provide the finest water flow appliances integrating the latest technology. Our expanded line offers a wide variety of monitors from small to medium flow from portable to apparatus-mounted to fixed site systems. Whatever the application, Akron has your solution. Browse the selection below of brass, pyrolite, stainless steel and remote control fire fighting monitors.

Omega XP Brass Monitor

Akron Brass introduces its new Omega XP brass monitor with maximum travel for optimal coverage in industrial and marine environments.

• FM approved
• Brass construction for corrosion resistance
• Cast-in turning vanes for more efficient flow
• Unique locking mechanism to hold desired position
• Enhanced design provides for less tip weight which translates to lower handle operating force
• 360° of horizontal movement and 135° of vertical movement
• Operating pressure of 14 bar
• Max flow 4800l/min

Typical options:

Omega XPV Monitor STYLE 3523



Wireless Remote Control
You no longer need to be confined to one location or limited by traditional manual controls! The Akron Brass wireless remote gives the flexibility you need to be at the best vantage point for total command and control. With complete portability, the wireless solution provides the convenience and safety to operate any Akron Brass electric monitor.



Industrial OMEGA XPV Manual Monitor

The 3522-SPL Omega XPV brass monitor has a built-in valve for optimal versatility in industrial and marine environments. This special version incorporates additional O-ring seals, stainless steel components, and extra UV resistant finish.

Industrial CONQUEST Electric Remote Controlled Monitor

The Conquest Electric Remote Controlled Monitor System was designed as a small compact unit with exceptional performance and value. This System is ideal for use in industrial fire suppression, vapor mitigation, and other fixed site applications. In addition, the Conquest is an ideal petro-chemical monitor.

Style 3531 Oscillating Flange

Style 3531 Oscillating Flange has a unique maintenance free polymer bearing design, high quality material construction, is water powered with oscillating range 30° to 165°, adjustable speed and FM approval.

AKROFOAM™ NOZZLE With Electric Pattern Actuation

Ideal for mining applications, Akron Brass introduces its Style 4471 AkroFoam™ self-educting foam nozzle with electric pattern actuation.


A fixed gallonage master stream nozzle with built-in stream shaper designed for flows up to 1250 gpm. Ideal for heavy-duty use on fixed water cannons. Style 4460 has twist shutoff


STYLE 499 / 2498 - Triple Stacked Deluge Tips
STYLE 489 - Tip Available in Brass & Pyrolite


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