3491 – Severe-Duty Stainless Steel Electric Monitor

3491 – Severe-Duty Stainless Steel Electric Monitor, 2.5″ NPT x 2.5″ NH outlet12V monitor and logic box only

The Severe-Duty, multi-purpose monitor is designed to withstand continuous operation while mounted on heavy-duty equipment like off-road fire, construction, mining, or landfill vehicles.


The Akron Brass Severe-Duty monitor is designed to survive Dusty, dirty, outdoor, and continuous vibration applications. Excellent for fixed site non-classified wash down or fire protection applications. Severe-Duty Electric Monitor

  • 12 or 24 volt motor
  • Stainless Construction
  • 320° Rotation
  • 155° Elevation (+90°, -65°)
  • Fast travel, 20°/ sec
  • Pressures up to 200 psi
  • 2 1/2″ Waterway (65 mm)
  • Reaches 200′ at 750 gpm


The 750gpm rated monitor shall be an all electric single waterway monitor constructed of stainless steel. The Severe-Duty monitor shall have a 2 ½” NPT inlet and a 2 ½” NH outlet. The monitor shall have fully enclosed 24 volt or hydraulic motors. Each joint shall be ball bearing free and have a maximum pressure rating of 200psi. The monitor shall not to exceed 10″H x 10 ½”W x 13 5/32″D.

The vertical travel shall be from 65° below to 90° above horizontal and the horizontal rotation shall be 320°. Each control box shall control the vertical and horizontal rotation of the monitor. The travel speed for each joint shall be 20°/sec. The monitor shall have the option for a programmable stow position, auto oscillation, and control of valve operation.

  • Weight: 57 lbs (25.6 kg)
  • Type: Severe Duty
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Width: 10.5in (266.7mm)
  • Height: 10in (254mm)
  • Depth: 11.5in (292.1mm)


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