Nozzles for Monitors

Nozzles for Monitors

Akron Brass has been designing and manufacturing nozzles since the early 1900’s offering a variety of specialized fire nozzles to support structural fires, wildland, forestry, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF), de-icing, CAFS, marine, industrial applications and more. Browse the masterstream and handline fire hose nozzle selection below to find the fire nozzle types that meet the requirements of your application.


Straight Tip Nozzles 

Straight tip nozzle
2 1/2'' inlet
1 1/2'' standard orifice
3'' inlet
2'' standard orifice

SABER Master Stream Nozzles; Fog plus Stream 
sabermaster.gifThe SaberMaster nozzles are the only multi-purpose master stream nozzles in the fire service today. Find a distributor near you to learn more about the features and benefits of this combination nozzle.
Master Stream Foam Aeration Nozzles 
stream.gifThe Master Stream Foam Nozzles are designed to increase your fire or vapor suppression effectiveness by optimally enhancing the foams level of air aspiration.
Rampage Nozzles; Fog or Stream
4450.gifA fixed gallonage master stream nozzle designed for heavy-duty use on fixed monitors.
Akrofoam Self-educting Foam Nozzles 

The AkroFoam foam nozzles are self-educting master stream nozzles designed for educting foam at flow rates up to 1000 gpm (4800 lpm). Contact a distributor today for more information about our master stream foam nozzles.

EXCEL 1000 single stream Nozzles 

The Mercury nozzles have excellent straight stream performance and a wide, dense, fully adjustable fog pattern.

info.pngFor more detail visit the Arkon website


Mid-Range Assault Nozzle With Pistol Grip

Akron monitors are designed and tested to provide the finest water flow appliances integrating the latest technology.