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  • Non-Adjustable Post Indicator

    Fire Protection Systems

    Mueller® indicator posts are used in fire protection systems and perform several functions. They provide a means to operate a buried or otherwise inaccessible valve. Also, indicator posts readily and clearly indicates whether the valve is open or shut. All Mueller indicator posts are UL/ULC listed and 4”-14” posts are FM approved, and designed to withstand up to 900 ft-lbs of operating torque.

  • R-2361 Resilient Wedge Gate Valve

    OS&Y: 2” – 12”/DN50 – DN300

    Mueller® resilient wedge gate valves have features to make them easier to operate, preserve sealing capability, and interior coating integrity for many years of reliable service. Numerous designs and end connections are available that meet stringent UL/FM requirements, some with maximum working pressures of 350psi.

  • Swing Check Valves

    FM Approved Check Valves

    Mueller® UL listed, FM approved check valves are of the gravity operated, swing check design. They are rugged in construction and simple in design, allowing for removal of all parts through the top of the valve for inspection or replacement without removing the valve from the line. Mueller check valves are bossed on both sides of the body for connecting by-passes and have a drain plug at the bottom under the inlet end for attaching a drain valve, and are available with either rubber or bronze disc facings.