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  • Stationery Proportioners

    Proportioners for Stationery Extuingishing Systems

    Foam is the only way to effectively fight certain fire scenarios. To generate such foam, a foam agent must be precisely admixed to the extinguishing water flow first. Then, air is added as a third component and expands the ‘premix‘ to a fire-fighting foam.

    We designed the highly sophisticated FireDos proportioners to contribute to the effectiveness of stationary fire-extinguishing systems through powerful technology.

  • Fire Brigade Proportioners

    Mobile Fire Fighting Stations

    The FireDos proportioner is driven solely by the extinguishing water flow. Electrical energy is not required. The purely mechanical system is madeto-last and maintenance efforts are low.

    The water motor drives a specially designed pump which delivers the foam agent or wetting agent into the extinguishing water flow. There is a direct linear relationship between the extinguishing water flow rate in litres per minute and the water motor’s number of revolutions.

    Thus, the quantitative ratio of additive and extinguishing water, which is referred to as the ‘proportioning rate’, always remains constant.

    A portion of the pressure in the extinguishing water line is used as an energy source to drive the water motor.