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  • DF130 Mobile Foam Unit

    High capacity Foam Station for major risks

    The Delta DF130 Mobile Foam Unit is a one-man deployable, highly mobile, high capacity foam station designed principally for the protection of oil storage and loading terminals, solvent stores, boiler rooms, engine compartments and many other high risk areas.

    Ergonomically designed and manufactured to exacting standards the DF130 simply requires connection to any suitable pressurized water supply and is capable of run times in excess of 20 minutes producing an output of over 34,000 litres of finished low expansion foam.

  • Excel Hi-Expansion Foam Generator

    The Delta Excel High Expansion Foam Generator is powered by a water turbine and capable of producing very large volumes of hi-ex foam very quickly and extremely efficiently.

    The Excel has its own built in foam induction system and simply requires a pressurized water supply and synthetic foam concentrate to operate. An additional feature is the water by-pass system which permits control of the expansion rate allowing performance to be maintained at high back pressures. The Excel is capable of ducting foam to a height of 15 metres.

  • Fixed Inline Inductors

    The Delta DFI-Series of Fixed Inductors are designed for in-line installation in new or existing pipeline assemblies within a fixed foam firefighting system.

    Manufactured in the UK under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System the Delta Fire DFI Series of Fixed Inline Inductors are flow engineered to meet the specific requirements of the client. Designed to accurately proportion foam concentrate into a pressurised water supply providing an economic means of proportioning for systems requiring a fixed flow rate.

  • Foam Top Pourers

    Delta Foam Top Pourers are integrated units designed for use in fixed foam systems for flammable liquid (hydrocarbon and polar solvent) storage protection and comprise a combined foam maker, vapour seal box and pourer.

    Available in four size options with individual flow capacities from 120 to 3600 litres per minute at inlet pressures of between 3 and 10 bar each unit is pre-engineered and factory calibrated to provide precise flow and pressure characteristics. Flow rates are optimised to provide the correct minimum application rate to the specific hazard being protected. These units are available with either frangible glass or carbon impregnated low pressure 316 stainless steel Teflon burst discs which are designed to break under pressure from the foam which is then deflected onto the tank shell cooling it and gently pouring onto the fuel surface. Each unit has an easily removable cover allowing for testing of the system without breaking the seal also facilitating inspection and maintenance of the burst disc.

  • MX-Series Foam Bund Pourers

    Delta Medium Expansion MX Bund Pourers are designed for both fire protection systems and vapour suppression in bunded or diked areas surrounding flammable liquid or toxic chemical storage tanks.

    They are also ideally suited to other applications where large volumes of free flowing foam are required such as Process Areas, Warehouses and Cable Ductings etc. A fire in a bunded area can escalate extremely quickly and spread to adjacent storage vessels if not quickly controlled. A leak of un-ignited fuel from a faulty valve, cracked pipe or overfill can threaten the entire installation facility in a very short timeframe.

    Delta’s MX Bund Pourers are designed to produce large volumes of medium expansion foam quickly and efficiently securing the bunded area from threat of ignition or toxic vapour release.

  • Rimseal Pourers

    Delta RFG-Series Rimseal Foam Pourer Sets are used for protecting Open Top Floating Roof storage tanks.

    Consisting of two elements each set comprises a Foam Generator and a Foam Pourer. The Foam Generator produces expanded foam and the Pourer assists in developing optimum, uniform, high quality produced foam while delivering the foam gently down the tank shell into the rimseal area.

    Although generally purchased together as a set the Foam Generator and Pourer are also available separately.