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Celebrating 25 years of serving our customers.

DoseTech [Pty] Ltd, marketed as dosetechfire, specialises in Fire Protection Foam Dosing Technology and Special Risk Fire Fighting Hardware

Our product range is of the highest quality and comprises a selection of European and USA Fire Fighting and Protection Equipment manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and are FM, VdS, UL or NFA approved ensuring best performance and long term service life and reliability.

We are totally focused on the fire protection industry with the success of the FireDos™ unique foam concentrate dosing system: the complete range of AKRON Brass products which include nozzles, monitors and accessories: James-Jones hydrants: Mueller Co.

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Our Brands:


Foam Dosing Pump

FireDos® are a dynamic, medium-sized company, operating for over 25 years in the specialised field of dosing technology using no...

FireDos Monitors
Monitors with “Oval Flat Design” minimise water turbulence through the monitor providing optimum discharge and maximum projection.

Wet and Dry Barrel Hydrants

The best known and respected American made Fire Hydrant ever made, Jones is an iconic product manufacturer of top quality...

FM/UL approved Gate & Butterfly Valves

Mueller fire protection products have been relied upon by fire fighters for over 150 years. Nothing beats...

AKRON Brass Fire Fighting products

AKRON Brass Fire Fighting products include monitors and hand nozzles manufactured to the highest quality as well as...

AKRON Severe Duty “Water Cannons”

AKRON Severe Duty ™Water Cannons products are designed to meet the demands of continuous operation in Mining and...

Innovative fittings in various sectors
Our products are developed by our own engineers in house – often in close cooperation with our customers. So our...

Foam Concentrate

Foam Concentrate
Our high quality specialist Foam Concentrate are researched and developed for fire extinguishing compounds used for fire retardants and...

Hose Manufacturers

Hose Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd has been producing quality hose products for a variety of working environments since the early 1960s.

Hose Manufacturers produces a range...